“Uncle Onion”: Taiwan’s Renowned Scallion Pancake Brand Debuts at Singapore’s “Prime Supermarket” for the Exclusive “Taste of Taiwan” Event

Taiwan’s beloved scallion pancake connoisseur, “Uncle Onion,” is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious “Taste of Taiwan” event held at Singapore’s renowned “Prime Supermarket” from October 27th to October 29th. This culinary extravaganza marks a significant milestone for “Uncle Onion” as it brings the authentic tastes of Taiwanese street food to the heart of Singapore.

Founded on the principles of quality, authenticity, and taste, “Uncle Onion” has been a household name in Taiwan for a decade, known for its scrumptious and innovative pancake varieties. The brand’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods has earned it a loyal customer base and widespread acclaim.

The “Taste of Taiwan” event at “Prime Supermarket” serves as a unique platform for “Uncle Onion” to showcase its culinary expertise and introduce the Singaporean community to the rich flavors of Taiwan. Visitors can look forward to indulging in a variety of “Uncle Onion’s” signature pancakes, each bursting with flavor and made fresh on the spot.

“We are thrilled to be part of this incredible event and to have the opportunity to share a piece of Taiwanese culinary culture with the people of Singapore,” said Mr. Joseph Chang, founder of “Uncle Onion.” “Our scallion pancakes have been a staple in Taiwanese ready food for years, and we are confident that their unique flavors and high-quality ingredients will win the hearts of Singaporeans.”

In addition to savoring the delicious offerings from “Uncle Onion,” visitors to the “Taste of Taiwan” event can immerse themselves in a culinary journey, exploring an array of Taiwanese delicacies, snacks, and beverages, all curated to represent the best of Taiwan’s vibrant food scene.

“Uncle Onion” invites everyone to join us at “Prime Supermarket” for this unforgettable gastronomic experience. Don’t miss the chance to taste the authentic flavors of Taiwan and discover why “Uncle Onion” has been Taiwan’s pancake of choice for over 10 years!

About Prime Supermarket

Prime Supermarket (Chinese:百美超级市场) is a family owned supermarket chain in Singapore. It is under the parent company Prime Group International, which has overseas ventures in the agriculture and hospitality industry. There are currently 25 outlets island-wide that are generally found within the neighborhood housing estates, some of which are open 24 hours a day. https://www.primesupermarket.com/

About Uncle Onion

“Uncle Onion” (Chinese:蔥阿伯) is a leading Scallion pancake brand in Taiwan, renowned for its wide range of delicious and authentic pancake varieties. With a commitment to quality and taste, “Uncle Onion” has been serving up culinary delights to the Taiwanese community for over a decade, earning its place as a beloved and trusted brand. https://www.fresh123.net/

About Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd:

Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd.(Chinese:貝斯特福食品貿易股份有限公司) was established in 2010, starting with online sales of frozen food. Under its umbrella, the company boasts several brands, including “Uncle Onion”, “Onion Big Brother”, and “Ready-to-Eat Delight”. Among these, “Uncle Onion” is the most renowned, having once set a record by selling over a million scallion pancakes in a year, shattering sales records on various group-buying websites. The company has steadily expanded its operations year by year. Beyond online sales, which have evolved into a comprehensive e-commerce operation, top-tier retail channels have also sought collaboration. Our dynamic team consists of individuals ranging from 25 to 50 years old, each with their unique expertise. The company’s core values center on honesty, reliability, and deliciousness, aiming to restore consumer confidence in food and providing them with simple means to cook scrumptious dishes. We sell our products through online e-commerce, physical retail channels, and international exports.