Uncle Onion

“Uncle Onion” is a person who stubbornly chooses the good! Adhering to the principle of “don’t be evil” when it comes to food, he was expelled because he refused to sell harmful food and experienced unemployment for a long time. He insists on treating customers as family members.Having traveled all over Taiwan’s agricultural areas, I often saw the sentiments of old farmers. With a grateful heart and an appreciation for the land, I strived to develop and promote Taiwan’s very own green onion pancakes and pies. From 2010 and starting from zero, “Uncle Onion” went on to become the popular No. 1 brand online! Bulk group purchases are breaking the 10,000 mark! Repurchase rates are as high as 90% and home delivery orders stack higher than a person’s height! We have also achieved a record of 1,000,000 for a single order, and so far, no one has beaten us!


Through the years, the company has experienced a lot of ups and downs with foodsafety storms. In 2014, people who ordered online demanded a half year’s worth of re-funds, but they have already consumed the products. We almost went bankrupt. Aside from that, we were also blocked by online shopping channels, and the government did not care. Fortunately, RT-Mart’s Joyce stepped in to help. Guiding us into the sacred halls of the store, I felt a lot of love and tears. Opportunity is truly intertwined with fate.It can really be said that Taiwan’s legendary green onion pancake is THE fan favorite.It’s the unbeatable choice among all! From Taiwan to Shanghai, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Malaysia, etc., many Uncle Onion fans order from thousands of miles away. Box by box, they take it by plane to share with their relatives and friends. For many overseas Chinese, it reminds them of the taste of their hometown Taiwan. It’s a taste of home away from home. This is the legendary [Uncle Onion] Yilan green onion pancake / Yilan green onion pork pie. Please try it!

Worldwide distribution
USA, Canada, Switzerland, Britain, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia.