Taiwan Juicy Scallion Pork meatballs

Juicy Scallion Pork Meatballs (300g x 1 pack)

★ Bursting with flavor, richly layered, and distinctively rich in scallion aroma

★ Factory certified with ISO22000, HACCP, and awarded the Taiwan CAS product mark for excellence

★ Professionalism and dedication starting from the very source, with strict management in pig farming

★ Automated electric slaughtering equipment, turning meat into the final product

Product Name: Uncle Onion – Juicy Scallion Pork Meatballs
Category: Frozen food requiring heating before consumption Ingredients: Pork (Taiwan), pork fat (Taiwan), chicken, water, scallions, soy protein, thickener (diphosphate starch), gelatin, sugar, flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, glycine, DL-alanine, disodium 5′-inosinate, disodium 5′-guanylate), salt, spices, quality improvers [sodium polyphosphate, anhydrous disodium pyrophosphate, potassium pyrophosphate], black sesame oil, colorant (caramel coloring), white pepper, antioxidant (sodium erythorbate), mirin (glutinous rice, rice koji, fructose, water, brewed vinegar, salt), five-spice powder (fennel, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, parsley), fragrant oil (soybean oil, sesame oil), soy sauce powder (soy sauce, maltodextrin, salt, sugar, caramel coloring, disodium 5′-inosinate, disodium 5′-guanylate, disodium succinate), onion powder [onion powder, quality improver (silicon dioxide)], yeast extract, glucose, hydrolyzed soy protein powder, garlic powder [garlic powder, quality improver (silicon dioxide)]. Allergens: Soy, sesame, celery, gluten-containing grains (soy sauce powder and spices), crustaceans (spices), nuts (spices), milk (spices), tomatoes (spices) and their products. Net Weight: 300 grams / 10.58 ounces
Storage Conditions: Frozen below -18°C
Shelf Life: One year Expiration Date: Indicated on the packaging (year/month/day)
Country of Origin: Taiwan Consumption Methods: ​​Put the frozen meatballs into boiling water, cook on medium heat for 8-9 minutes before consuming. ​​Place the frozen meatballs in the air fryer, fry at 180 degrees for 8-9 minutes before consuming.
■ Do not refreeze after thawing to prevent spoilage.

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