Red Quinoa Vegetarian Zongzi

We use long sticky rice which soak 3 hours and saute it. Let rice absorb the marinate. Using golden ratio sauce to boil king trumpet mushroom, vegetarian meat, dried tofu, mushroom and peanut. And then, We wrapped the rice dumpling, boil it and steam it by handmade. It taste very good.


Sticky rice, water, red quinoa, dried vegetable (radish, salt, citric acid, benzoic acid (Preservative), acesulfame potassium (edulcorant)), king trumpet mushroom, vegetarian meat (soybean protein, wheat starch, wheat protein, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate), dried tofu, mushroom, peanut, soy sauce, L-sodium glutamate, sodium 5′-guanylate, sodium 5′-inosinate, chestnut, taro, wheat, sugar, alcohol, yeast extract, edulcorant (licorice extract), dextrin, sodium citrate, DL-hydroxysuccinic acid, white pepper, five spices powder (cinnamon. cumin. coriander. cloves. orange peel. chinese prickly ash, star anise) sesame oil (sesame soybean oil), glycine, disodium succinate, DL-Alanine, sea tangle extract



L*W*H(mm)  260*260*100

Size (box)        50*38*24.5cm

storage method

Shelf life  1 year

Regular goods


MOQ  15 Box

Order in advance  3 work days

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