Quinoa Pearl Ball

Stuffing mixes rye syrup, water chestnut and carrot together. Adding the curry powder, lemongrass and lemon leaf to flavor it. You can smell the fragrance of lemongrass first. When you eat, you can feel the the fragrance of lemon, fresh vegetable and chewy rye syrup. It taste more and more sweet. It suitables dessert or meal.


Rye syrup (water, rapeseed oil, soybean protein isolate (Non-GMO), wheat protein, corn starch, tapioca, sodium bicarbonate, calcium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, mushroom head, protein powder), sticky rice,



L*W*H(mm)  215*164*46

Size (box)   50*38*24.5cm

storage method

Shelf life  1 year

Regular goods


MOQ  25 Box

Order in advance  3 work days

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