Silm Sausage (Vegetarian)

The main material is plant protein. Through the innovation method using Mena reaction and caramelization. no matter aroma, taste can be compared to the appearance and taste of animal protein.

Easy Meat


Soy protein (Non-GMO), thickener agent (potato starch, methylcellulose, wheat fiber), mirin (sugar, water, fermented seasoning (salt, brewing rice liquor), brewing vinegar, sugar), palm oil sugar, salt, seasoning agent (L-sodium glutamate), glycine, DL-Alanine, Dsodium succinate, Sodium 5’–Inosinate, Sodium 5’–Inosinate, sweetener (licorice extract), spices,
cinnamon powder, red beetroot powder



Storage Method

Freeze below -18 degrees C

1 year


This product contains soybean, quality grain products, not suitable for people with allergies

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