Cabbage Pork Dumpling

Uncle Onion used e-commerce sale technique, and quickly gained huge success. Fresh 123 introduced product to worldwide, and those foreign consumers can having chance to taste real Taiwan food. 2019, Fresh 123 became first Taiwan pancake category which rewards superior taste reward iTQi evaluation.

Handmade pinch flower
High quality pork leg
Our dumpling has good taste with thin cover
Special flavor


Cabbage, pork, flour, water, onion, shallots, ginger, soybean oil, sesame oil, palm oil, sugar, salt, soy sauce, tapioca strach, L-sodium glutamate, sodium 5′-guanylate, sodium 5′-inosinate, enzyme product, sweetener (licorice extract, glucono delta-lactone, calcium sulfate, potato strach, spices, concentrated protein, chicken oil, gulcose, chicken powder, β-carotene, black pepper, sweet potatot flour, peppercorn, white pepper, acetylated distarch adipate, wheat protein, protein powder


Pack of 40 pieces/bags
Single package weight :720g
Box into the number of : 16bags
Single box net:8.6kg
Single gross weight: 9.64kg

Pallet quantity (110*110*15 cm):72 boxes


storage method

Storage : -18C
Shelf life : 1 year

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