Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd Triumphs at Cleveland Asian Festival 2023 with Authentic Green Onion Pancake Showcase

Cleveland, OH – May 20, 2023 – Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd, an industry leader in supplying globally diverse food products, successfully showcased their popular Green Onion Pancake at the Cleveland Asian Festival 2023 (

The annual Cleveland Asian Festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd., known for its commitment to authentic and high-quality food products, took part in the vibrant event to introduce their Green Onion Pancake to the wider audience.

“We are incredibly pleased with the reception we received at the festival. Visitors loved the rich, savory taste of our Green Onion Pancake, a classic Asian dish that is a testament to our dedication to bringing authentic flavors to the global market,” said Joseph Chang, the GM for Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd.

In addition to offering tastings, the company engaged with the festival attendees by demonstrating the making process of the Green Onion Pancake, emphasizing its fresh ingredients and traditional cooking method.

“The Cleveland Asian Festival was a great platform for us to not just showcase our products, but also interact with the community and appreciate the diversity of cultures present. We believe in creating food that brings people together, and our Green Onion Pancake does just that,” added Joseph Chang.

Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd. continues to forge new partnerships and expand its distribution channels, ensuring more people can enjoy its array of products. Their participation in the Cleveland Asian Festival 2023 was another significant step in their mission to promote authentic and diverse food experiences around the world.

About Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd.

Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd. is a leading food supplier dedicated to sourcing and distributing diverse food products globally. They are committed to providing consumers with authentic, high-quality food experiences. With a broad network of suppliers and partners, Best Food Global Trading Co., Ltd. ensures accessibility to its comprehensive range of products, enriching dining tables worldwide.